We have more than 20 years of experience to offer you the best service for your jet, passengers and crew.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Customs & Immigration facilities insite

Assa FBO Guatemala

24/7 operations

We are 24 hours a day and 365 days a year at your service to treat you as you deserve.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Passenger lounge

We have for your comfort a waiting room and meetings.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Jet a fuel availabe

To provide an excellent service, we have fuel dispatch 24 hours a day at the request of our customers.

Assa FBO Guatemala


and Cargo flights

We have extensive experience and service capacity to attend these types of flights with personalized service.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Crew lounges

To rest and wait for your passengers prior to boarding your aircraft.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Conference room

At your request, this service is available to order.

Assa FBO Guatemala

Cuba handling services

(Landing and overflight)

For your coordination to this pleasant Caribbean country, we are at your service to provide you with an excellent service. 

Assa FBO Guatemala


To provide excellent care, we have this service on board upon request.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Crew transportation

We have high quality vehicles to transport them to your hotel or wherever you request it.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Rental cars

limousines, and taxi arrangements

For a car service we can coordinate them before your arrival.


Assa FBO Guatemala


Special rates for crew

We can make reservations for passengers and crew prior to landing.

Assa FBO Guatemala

24/7 security

on demand

We have this service to provide security to your aircraft during your stay in our country.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Online flight planning

and weather

You can send us your information about your flight plans and we will gladly transmit them online also the weather.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Ice, coffee

and newspapers

We are happy to provide these services on your departure.


Assa FBO Guatemala


We have this service in our facilities 24 hours a day.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Ramp and hangar parking

We provide the private general ramp service with or without security according to your request and also private hangarage.


Assa FBO Guatemala


So that you do not have setbacks to the US or delays, we can gladly do it for you.



Assa FBO Guatemala

Mexican EAPIS

If your destination is Mexico and you have not coordinated your eapis, we can gladly do it for you.


Assa FBO Guatemala

Complete network,

handling solutions and permits (Landing and Ovf) in Central America, South America and Caribbean

For the easy in general aviation, we can facilitate the process of permits and coordination of the attention of your flight to the destination you are going to.


Assa FBO Guatemala


Freq: 130.25 Mhz

Office hours:

  • Monday to Friday 0700 – 1900 Local time
  • Saturday 0700 – 1700 Local time
  • Sundays (24 hour operations)
Assa FBO Guatemala
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